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Length and Brea(d)th

“Length and Brea(d)th” Artist Statement

How is reality deciphered? All creatures big and small have developed their own unique senses to inform themselves of their surroundings. Humans have measured and quantified many aspects of life for millennia, even unseen things as small as quantum particles to the vast reaches of space. Modernity is very entrenched in all of this compiled knowledge and the structure it lends to humanity’s collective existence. Could there be another measure of reality that exists beyond or perhaps between the standard units of human quantitations?

Nikola Tesla stated, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Length and Brea(d)th uses common and some not so common theory from science and interjects them into both painted and rug hooked prairie landscapes. This under-rated landscape that lacks any gratifying geographical elements, this elevation challenged place, is a place where the canopy of the sky can press in so deeply that one’s own frail humanness becomes painfully apparent. To truly describe the Length and Brea(d)th of prairie existence, one has to examine how the openness of the landscape allows for the exploration of oneself. The artworks’ juxtapositional elements search for realities of the divide or the lack thereof between human and nature…the breath within the breadth.

Colleen Granger

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