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Oh my, just like that over two weeks have gone by without a post. But artwork is afoot! A little paint...a little yarn...

A little burlap...a little rug hook....but NOT a little 8mm cotton cord from Germany (700m worth) Oh and the other spool...NOT a little 0.75mm side glow fiber optics.(2700m!!)

This is the beginnings of one project: paint and yarn. I had tacked everything to the wall at this point just to see how things looked next to each other. It is inspired by the Chladni plate sound patterns but also marine signal flags.

The main project I'm working on is a macrame and I come from 'go big or go home' country so it's roughly 7ft long. Regrets live in the crick of my neck, my triceps and my back but my head and heart (and insanity?) spur me on to have it compete for the end of November!!

This project is based on electromagnetic radiation sine waves or light waves...hence the addition of fiber optics. The medium of macrame called out to me because of the rigging and knot-tying used in boating. It will be a landscape - I forgot to take a shot of it before I left today - the sky is complete and I have started into the land sections. I just might make my deadline. Hopefully all goes well with the fiber optics???

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