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Atelier and Abbey

Spent my first full day here...we would call it a studio...they like to call it a workshop or atelier. Job no.1 was to make a sign to hang on my door. Students don't know who I am yet!!

I must be getting used to all the walking...I had nowhere to go after supper so I just the Abbey aux Dammes.

Just a wee place.

With a huge place attached for what I believe is equivalent to our provincial buildings. Note large photos on lawn...all of Monte St. Michel. Yet another abbey but this one takes up a complete island of massive rock just off the coast north west of Caen.

But with a huge garden attached...runners were using it like a track.

My favourite feature. Disney ain't got nothing on this.

Would love to know how old it is.

View from under the tree. One of the spires in the distance is Abbey des Hommes. (Built at same time as aux Dammes). And by the way, the walk was up hill to the abbey and I nearly collapsed my I don't think I will be doing laps around the garden anytime soon. Besides, I don't have the proper attire..!

Tomorrow the art supplies arrive from Paris!!!

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