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Week 1

The art-venture has begun!! Well, I haven't experienced much fine art yet. Mostly just settling in and sleeping off some jet lag! My tiny apartment is on campus which is just a single building but completely amazing! Had to wait for an IT guy to come get things running in my room before I could blog.

I had a tour of the school but forgot to take my phone with me so pictures of that and my studio space will have to come later. I will include pics of the apartment though. Classes start later for art students so no company until next week. That has given me time to shop for things I blew up when I plugged them in and art supplies.

The school ésam. Second small window from bottom is apartment.

The school...ésam. My apartment is second small window from bottom.

ésam from bridge over Orne River.


Had my first big excursion today because the city of Caen is having a heritage celebration this weekend so a lot of historic sites are free admission. The IMEC (Institute for Contemporary Publishing) is housed in the refurbished Abbaye d'Ardenne. Took a guided tour which was only in French...didn't understand enough words to make any sense but it was great to be there. There was an exhibition entitled "L'Interieur" which was video and archival French! Oh well!

Outside of the church at Abbey d'Ardenne. All of abbey was nearly destroyed in WWII.

Found a hilarious English book on display.

Abbey gardens.

Abbey grounds.


Found this on the way home...statue of Joan of Arc!!

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